Kulturális Kreatívok

Gyermekkoromban a barátaimat még személyesen ismertem és viszonylag gyakran találkoztam velük. Manapság már hosszabb idő is eltelhet a találkozások között és vannak olyanok is, akikkel még soha életemben nem találkoztam személyesen.  Az alábbi levelet is egy ilyen ismerőstől, Fogel Frigyestől, a Kulturális Kreatívok című film készítőjétől kaptam és örömmel osztom meg Veled, Veletek is:

“Announcin​g Cultural Creatives 1.0 – THE REVOLUTION​”

As an Hungarian independent filmmaker, I’m very excited to share exciting news with you. The long-awaited debut of my latest film: Cultural Creatives 1.0 – THE REVOLUTION. I feel privileged to invite you to view the trailer at http://www.culturalcreatives.cc with the hope that it will awaken your interest, in which case I will gladly send you access to the entire movie. I find it very important to get the word out to as many people as possible, as this movie is not about the issues that we are already aware of, but rather, it contains essential information about a necessary, yet quiet revolution that is already taking place in today’s culture. Therefore I am asking you to help me spread the word with my utmost appreciation for your kind effort.

Cultural Creatives 1.0 – THE REVOLUTION is a documentary made by an Hungarian independent filmmaker on the topic of Cultural Creatives, people who are taking an interest wordwide in improving the quality of life and making it sustainable for future generations. It is NOT a global organization or any kind of political movement, yet there are an increasing number of people showing an enormous change in consciousness, providing examples through their own initiatives and giving humanity an opportunity to find solutions to the issues of the 21st century. 200 million people worldwide, all with a similar mindset are anticipating the future as an astonishing opportunity never before available to mankind throughout the whole course of its history here on earth.

Frigyes Fogel
Independent Filmmaker


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